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SNECCA (Scotland & North of England Catamaran Class Association) has been running since 1992 . The Association was started by a group of like minded catamaran sailors from clubs all over Scotland and North East England who wanted to enjoy catamaran class racing and promote catamaran sailing by entering the same open events. Since 1992, numerous venues have been visited including Royal Tay, Largs, Aberdeen & Stonehaven, Findhorn, Helensburgh, Port Edgar, Peterhead, Kielder, South Shields, Dalgety Bay and Loch Lomond - to name but a few. The aim is quite simple - to achieve quality class racing against other catamarans on a handicap basis and to encourage other catamaran sailors to travel and take part. Those new to catamaran racing and many beginners that have attended SNECCA travellers have found the guidance from their fellow SNECCA sailors to be invaluable. If you have recently purchased a catamaran or are interested in finding out more about racing these great boats in this region please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at one of the forthcoming fixtures in due course.

Some classes that have sailed in SNECCA to date, in no order:
Tornado - all varieties,
Hurricane 5.9 - all varieties,
Dart 18 - all varieties,
Hobies - 18, 17, 16's and more!,
A class,
Formula 18,
Inter 20,
Prindles, to name a few.

SNECCA runs a series of travellers throughout the year and also long distance races:

Loch Ness reports articles

Tartan Marine SNECCA Travellers 2012 Fixtures

28/29 April 2012: South Shields Sailing Club

19/20 May 2012: Prestwick Sailing Club

23 June 2012: Upper Clyde Catamaran Race, Helensburgh Sailing Club

18/19 August 2012: Helensburgh Sailing Club

TBC: Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

Past Reports

Yachts and Yachting SNECCA REPORTS - Click Here

2009 overall travellers results - Click Here

Hall of fame

Previous SNECCA Champions:

Year Travelling Series Winners Scottish Champion Singlehanded Champion
1993-2001 Ed Bisset & Jackie Miles 1993,6,7,8,2000 -
2002 Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Buchanan 1994,5,2002 -
2003 Chris & Val Browning Chris & Val Browning -
2004 Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Buchanane Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Buchanan -
2005 Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Buchanan Mike Scantlebury & David Harris -
2006 David & Ian Kent Richard Hanmore & Matt Grey -
2007 David & Ian Kent Richie Furber Richie Furber
2008 Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Buchanan David & Ian Kent Rafael Oujez
2009 Dave Parker & Scott Cleary Nigel Lynn & Alan Nesbitt James Adlington
2010 Dave Parker and Neil Manderson/Scott Cleary Dave Parker and Neil Manderson Neil McIntosh
2011 Dave Parker and Scot Cleary - Tornado Nigel Lynn and Alan Nesbit - F18 Infusion Rafeal Ojuez - Stealth F16

For Further Information

Contact: David Kent Click Here

Loch Ness: Click Here

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